3 Lower Body Exercises to UP Your Pickleball Game

Unlock the full potential of your pickleball game with a powerhouse of lower body exercises! Your legs are the driving force behind every swift move, powerful shot, and rock-solid stance on the court. In this reel, join me as I guide you through three game-changing exercises meticulously designed to enhance your agility, boost your power, and fortify your stability.

🔄 Clock lunges take center stage, targeting every angle of movement – forward, lateral, and reverse. This comprehensive exercise fires up your glutes, quads, and hamstrings, laying the foundation for a more dynamic and controlled performance.

⚡️Ground touches are up next, focusing on loading the glutes while demanding core engagement for that perfect balance. Why is this crucial for pickleball? Picture those lightning-quick directional changes and sudden pivots – your secret weapon for outmaneuvering opponents.

☄️Finally, we dive into skater hops, a move that has you swiftly gliding from side to side. By mastering lateral movements, you’re not just strengthening your glutes; you’re preparing your body for the unique demands of pickleball’s court dynamics (think winning the dinking battle).

These exercises aren’t just about strength; they’re about unlocking a new level of play that will leave your opponents in awe. Let’s step onto the court together and raise the bar! Save this reel so you can add these moves to your strength program!

❓Do you train your legs outside of the court?

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