Do you play Pickleball with your spouse?

Do you play Pickleball with your spouse?

Playing pickleball with your spouse – the ultimate game of love! ❤️🏓 But is it all sunshine and rainbows? Check out these pros and cons below and tag your pickleball partner in crime!

1. Built-in Teammate: No need to find a partner; you’ve got your MVP right there!
2. Quality Bonding Time: Quality time on and off the court; the ultimate relationship booster.
3. Secret Signals: Non-verbal communication skills taken to the next level.
4. Endless Fun: Double the fun, double the laughter!

1. Competitive Sparks: The game can ignite the competitive fire – beware of those post-match debates! (Um…if you are going to poach you better win the point🤣)
2. Pressure Cooker: Expectations can pile up when you’re the dynamic duo.
3. Mixed Skill Levels: Differences in skill can lead to frustration.
4. Couple’s Quarrels: Arguments might spill over from the court to home sweet home.😜

Tell us your pros and cons in the comments below! 👇




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